Hello and welcome to Len Brophy Fitness! I am so excited to finally launch this big step in my life and career. Here’s the backstory to how I got to where I am today.

During my adolescent years – I grew up in the 90’s and a healthy lifestyle has been portrayed as something mystical that was sought after and pursued tirelessly. Rail thin, spandex clad women doing aerobics comes to mind. By this definition we turned health-and-fitness into something elusive, just out of reach, and to be achieved.

Today, thousands of tired and depressed human beings still function under the belief that to be healthy – and by association happy – you need to weigh the perfect goal weight, consume the perfect quantity of kilojoules and look perfect every moment and in every outfit.

In a less than perfect world this illusion just does not exist. Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder and even if you are perfect to some, you will still be less so to others. I myself turned into a bikini athlete during 2015/2016 trying to achieve perfection. I still hold the sport in high regard, if you approach it in a healthy way and doing it for the right reasons – which is rarely the case.

My name is Leneri Brophy and I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Psychology from the NWU obtained in 2008. I also have a higher certificate in personal training from IIFT obtained in 2016. My highest achievement to date however, is that God singled me out to raise the angelic Noah Brian Brophy – an experience that is changing and shaping the way in which I now regard and approach fitness. I love being a mom and I approach it with the same zeal as I approach a fit lifestyle. That is why Noah turns into a dumbbell, kettlebell and weight plate helping me out in my “mommy-and-me” exercise series.

I want to embrace a very different philosophy, in a very hectic and goal driven fitness society, which is;

  • a healthy lifestyle is achieved every single time you make a healthier food choice, grind for an hour in the gym, enjoy mother nature by going for a walk or just simply choosing a more positive outlook in a difficult situation. ‘Mindful health and fitness’ if you will.
  • an attitude and state of being rather than an aim to aspire to. You are working towards obtainable goals but you are also living your life in such a way that has countless enjoyable moments and maintainable and manageable objectives.

The goal is then to build a life that finds the magic in the mundane whilst building rock hard abs and enjoying every step of the way!

Chat soon!


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