Making Weight Loss Easier | Uncomplicate your weight loss journey | Part 2

In our frantic efforts to lose weight, we tend to overcomplicate the process. Adhere to a few simple tips consistently and achieve that summer body you’ve always wanted. Nothing is as simple as it sounds but at least these golden rules take the guess work off your to-do list😉

Go High Tech

There are so many devices specifically designed to help you live a more health-conscious lifestyle. Make use of these to track your sleep quality, count calories burnt and monitor your heart rate to help inform your approach or highlight ways you can improve your health or training. If you’re not techy-techy inclined make younger and smarter friends😊They are always willing to help you with new and fancy apps as well as teaching you to make the best use of your reward programmes like Vitality with Discovery etc. This keeps the journey fresh and lively and is good for the budget as well.

Supplement your efforts

Science can increase your body’s ability to tap into and burn stored fat. This can accelerate your results and keep you from throwing in the proverbial towel. I would strongly recommend hiring a professional to formulate a meal-plan together with appropriate supplementation with your budget and your specific goals in mind. The amount of supplementation out there can be daunting and should be well researched if you’re going to go at it alone.

Snack smart

Grab a ready-to-drink protein shake, a functional food snack or protein bar to keep your calories and sugar in check. Most grocery stores now stock functional foods for the mindful eater so don’t derail your efforts when you are in a hurry or forgot your lunch box! We have plenty of snack ideas and recipes on the blog, this is a favourite.

Consistency is the only currency

And yes: you are essentially investing. Even though it is in your health and wellness and not in your coronation fund, which is just as important or even more so in the long run. Too many people switch between workout plans, supplements and diets because they want instant results and don’t want to use a plan in the long run. You can’t expect to see optimum results when you skip workouts, deviate from your diet plan over weekends or only remember to supplement before every second workout. So; trust your trainer and give your current plan a chance to work before you chop and change for the umpteenth time. 

Be more mindful

Be deliberate. Every mouthful, every rep. Studies show that people who are engaged and present in the moment (mindfulness) while eating, tend to consume less calories. This also applies to dishing up. Notice what you eat and how it tastes in a focussed and deliberate way. You’ll derive more enjoyment from the food and feel more satisfied when you’re done. The same applies to your training. Optimize results through muscle activation and focused reps instead of just going through the motions. 

Recover hard

Gains are made in between gym sessions when we fuel our muscles and give our body time to recover through adequate rest. It is only then that muscles can repair and regenerate to deliver all the metabolic and physique benefits already mentioned. Improve recovery by getting enough sleep, perform active recovery sessions, massage and foam rolling. This can enhance circulation and improve mobility while reducing a risk to injury.

Become more efficient

Time is an increasingly scarce resource in our modern lives and it is often gym time that gets cut to accommodate life’s other commitments. Simply cut down your workout time to still get in your training session by applying super sets or squeeze in a bodyweight session at home. The “get your groove on” song workout plan is also a tough little time saving program ready to help you burn some excess energy and calories.

Stay tuned to LENBROPHYfitness so you don’t miss out on my next episode of ‘how to uncomplicate your weight loss journey’. If you missed part 1, read it here.

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Making weight loss easy

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