Pregnancy Dietary Guidelines – What You Should & Shouldn’t Be Doing

Pregnancy Dietary Guidelines for a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

Expectant moms are often overwhelmed with what ‘to eat or not to eat’ during pregnancy. The information overload once you start asking opinions of seasoned moms or even Dr Google can also be frustrating and often leaves you with more questions than answers. Some pregnancy dietary guidelines seem ridiculous – while others seem impossible to incorporate.

The concept of in utero nutrition has evoked much investigation as the “foetal origins hypothesis” emerges as one potential source for adult disease. What one chooses as food can have a major health impact on the creation of another human being.

“Your energy intake should meet your personal nutritional needs and allow for about 0.4-kg of weight gain per week during the last 30 weeks of pregnancy. Protein intake of about 25g/day additionally per foetus. Sodium intake that is not excessive but no less than 2-3g per day. Mineral and vitamin intakes to meet your daily allowances (folic acid and possible iron supplementation is required).”

Krause 2008

Keeping the above in mind, the following guidelines will help to take the guess work out of the kitchen.

  1. Always eat a variety of foods.
  2. Drink plenty of liquids.
  3. Eat food that is high in protein for example legumes, meat and fish.
  4. Limit fish and seafood that is high in mercury.
  5. Take a prenatal vitamin with adequate iron and folic acid requirements.
  6. Limit junk and greasy foods.
  7. Limit caffeine to 200mg per day (2 cups of coffee)
  8. Omit alcohol completely.
  9. Avoid fizzy drinks.
  10. Plan ahead and freeze extra portions of healthy meals.
  11. Get physical – Look out for my exercise and pregnancy series.
  12. Superfoods for mom also includes: Salmon, lean beef, berries, eggs, leafy greens, brown rice, oranges, whole wheat bread and whole grain cereals
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I love this quote from Linda Wooten. Pregnancy and being a mother will be filled with obstacles, however, you are strong and you can do this!

Remember that your nutrition status during pregnancy affects not only the gestation of the foetus, but also your subsequent health and the health of your baby. This makes your dietary choices of utmost importance and should be treated that way. A healthy mom = a healthy baby!

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