May: Mommy & Me Workout Series

Hi Moms!
Welcome to the first rendition of my Mommy and Me workout series. As the mother of the delightful Noah Brian Brophy, I fully realize that the biggest challenge all mothers face is to find the energy to spend on themselves. That’s why I formulated these workouts to be fun, simple and effective. It also includes the little one you are trying to keep alive, resulting in quality bonding time!

When Noah was 6 weeks old, I started with my own exercise routine. Everyday I had to wait for my hubby to come home from work first. This frustrated me to no end, which led me to try all sorts of fun stuff we could do together. This series is a compilation of what I found worked and also what Noah enjoyed most.

Don’t be fooled though you are going to sweat! Handling a squirming weight was new to me and I found it more challenging than I thought. These videos were only shot when he was 10 months old -and almost 13kg, so I had my work cut out for me!

Once you know the first 12 sessions, it’s just a question of a slight advancement to the third and second month. This easy progression keeps you from relearning all new exercises and inevitably also saves time (win-win situation!)

I’ve always been active, even when I’ve gained weight in the past, so going back to exercise after Noah’s birth was relatively easy in the sense that I never really stopped moving. I was very active throughout my pregnancy and still walked Bod and Didi around the neighbourhood up until week 39. I know my body quite well so I never strained myself or did exercises I did not feel ready for.

What I’m trying to say is: get the green light from your OBGYN before embarking on this new journey and listen to your body. They always knows best! Also; give yourself time, enough rest and set reasonable goals. You just grew a human – read that again – and you are trying to function with less rest than you’ve ever had to cope with. You should get a trophy from humanity!

You can find all of the videos on my Facebook or YouTube.

Just relax, we’ve got this😊


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