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Healthy pursuits are available in various shapes and sizes. It thrives under communal goals and collective sore muscles. 2021 is however the second year that the way in which we view health and fitness needs to be re-evaluated. Covid -19 has forced us to rethink and redefine “modern fitness”. We can no longer just pop into a gym or studio space and many of us are going it alone and not always loving the idea. Resilience and adaptability have never been more important and to keep getting your daily immune booster and endorphin high, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Adopt a mindful approach to exercise:

Slower, more mindful movement benefits our bodies in many different ways. Even though HIIT-training is still a very effective and popular way to melt the kg’s. adding a jump to a lunge (alone in my garage) moves me to tears. HIIT is also intense and can add stress and anxiety to your nervous system by elevating the hormone cortisol none of us needs right now. Slower, more mindful exercise also reduces the risk of injury, postural issues and incorrect movement patterns. The bottom line: “slow things down and lift things better. You will have less chance of injuries and get the results you want. Contact me for your Mindful program to beat the winter chills.

  1. Transform a little corner in your home into an exercise haven

Dedicate a little area somewhere in your everyday living space to “move”. Whatever this may mean for you. Create an area that promotes focus and distracts from your daily work routine. Many of us work from home now and to take a break from the office you need to leave the office. Even if this means going down the hall to the spare bedroom, garage or garden. Keep your gear handy (only buy the essentials, you can always add on as you get more fit or adapt your regiment), play your favourite playlist and track, track, track. Watches, smartphones and apps keep you connected to your trainer and fit squad. I also find keeping my goals posted on a wall keeps me motivated and my favourite plant sets the mood. Here’s some inspo for you!

Modern fitness
Fitness equipment with natural light
  1. Take a rest day

Taking a break is not a sign of weakness and athletes always perform better after a good night’s rest. Sleep is essential to recover all our bodily systems. If we neglect sleep, we throw our system out of balance. Rest days are essential as it resets the body from training and prepares for the next workout. Resting during a workout allows your heart, lungs and central nervous system to adapt to the workout and allows you to excel throughout. 

Hope this helped!

Please stay safe😉

Till next time 

Love Len

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