Making Weight Loss Easier | Uncomplicating your weight loss journey | Part 1

In our frantic efforts to lose weight, we tend to overcomplicate the
process. Making weight loss easier is more simple than you think. Adhere to a few simple tips consistently and achieve that summer body you’ve always wanted. Nothing is as simple as it sounds but at least these golden rules take the guesswork off your to-do list.

Portion control is essential

We all tend to overeat, especially right here in South Africa. Every family gathering there’s a
reason to celebrate and with the celebrations, we prepare feasts and happily munch away. Proper portion control is however vital to rein in that runaway kilojoule count and reduce your chances of overeating. The general guideline is a palm-sized portion of protein, a handful of fruit, starch or starchy vegetables, a thumb size amount of fat and one cup of fibrous vegetables per meal. Aim for a diet that contains a variety of foods and colours.

How you eat, matters

Protein, fat and fibre will make you feel full faster. If you start with foods containing these food groups, they will keep you from overeating. Also, be mindful of the speed
with which you eat, if you eat slower your brain will register you are full long before you’ve polished your plate.

Be Carb smart

Be mindful of your carbohydrates. The amount of carbs you should eat is highly individualised based on numerous factors. These include; your current level of insulin sensitivity, your daily activity levels, the type of exercise you perform as well as your genetics. Complex low-GI carbs predominantly from natural sources are always the best options. Sweet potatoes, brown rice, rolled oats and cruciferous vegetables come out on top. We could all potentially benefit from some sort of carb manipulation like carb cycling. This ensures we eat carbs strategically, consuming most before and after exercise to fuel training and support recovery.

Create a sustainable and healthy kilojoule deficit

You need to burn more energy than you consume. Yes, this is an oversimplification of a complex process that is influenced by hormones, genetics and lifestyle factors but is nevertheless the foundation of any successful weight loss program. The recommended approach entails creating a 2000 Kilojoule a day deficit. Familiarize yourself with nutritional tables and food values to remain within your daily limit.

Avoid temptations

Don’t shop on an empty stomach and snack on healthy beneficial snacks. See Len’s trail mix recipe or Siobhan’s roasted chickpeas. Ready to drink protein shakes, functional food snacks and protein bars are becoming more and more available in supermarkets for those days you forget to pack your own.

Visit the weight room (can’t wait for Virgin active to reopen!)

Weight training has a greater metabolic effect compared to conventional gym-based cardio options. This prompts your body to keep burning kilojoules long after you’ve put the weights down. Weight training, when combined with adequate protein and rest also builds more lean, shapely muscle. More muscle also creates a higher resting metabolic rate which means your body will burn more kilojoules throughout the day even when you’re at rest.

Train smarter

HIIT training works! It’s the most effective way to blast fat and tone your body during your gym session each day. These workouts are challenging because they incorporate
multiple compound and complex resistance exercises (that targets multiple muscle groups) with heavy loads interspersed with explosive cardio intervals that boosts your metabolism. Limit rest periods between sets to elevate workout intensity. Research supports the notion that full-body workouts provide the best fat burning and weight loss results when compared to the conventional split training of the standard body building approach.

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Making weight loss easier

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