Get Your Groove On Workout Series | Easy Home Workouts

Home workouts have become essential to keeping our sanity and keeping shape. Workout gear gets expensive and currently, we all need to save a bit more than usual (thanks COVID!). All that we want are easy home workouts – workouts that don’t take an hour but still get the job done.

This workout series is short, yet extremely effective! One song equals one workout. How great is that? And once we have completed the 8 days, you have one mean workout plan!

Your plan:

easy home workout

You will need the workout videos to complete this plan. You can access them on my YouTube channel, I will have a playlist for them.

What you need for this workout plan:

  • A speaker or earphones (even your phone will do)
  • A comfortable outfit to workout in
  • A mat (yoga mat, towel, or carpet will do)
  • A positive attitude 🙂
  • My YouTube videos
  • If you are more advanced, you can use ankle weights and resistance bands

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