Making Weight Loss Easier | Uncomplicating your weightloss journey | Part 3

In our frantic efforts to lose weight we tend to overcomplicate the process. Today, we will be chatting about making weight loss easier. If you have not, be sure to read part 1 and part 2.

Adhere to a few simple tips consistently and achieve that summer body you’ve always wanted. Nothing is as simple as it sounds but at least these golden rules take the guess work off your to-do list😉

15. Don’t use food as a reward:

Most people consider cheat meals as a reward for diet compliance throughout the week or as a reward for hard work in the gym. The problem with this approach is that the size of the reward is often commensurate with the perceived levels of achievement. However, a day of calorific meals or sugar overload can easily erase all of your hard work throughout the week. Rather reward yourself with a new outfit, pampering session at a spa or a day of relaxation😉

16. Don’t do it alone:

There’s a lot of info out there, from magazines to the opinion of friends and family. It can be overwhelming and confusing to filter through all of the advice, much of which is often contradictory. Find a qualified coach or trainer to help filter the nonsense from the fact and help guide you to success with an individualised plan that works. Check out for all the help you will need. 

17. Don’t skip the cardio:

Cardio can be invaluable to burn body fat more effectively, but only if you use it properly. Steady state cardio has its place in any body transformation plan because it helps your body become more efficient at breaking down and using stored fat for energy. Add in some strategic HIIT cardio and you’ll also boost your metabolism. The right cardio can release potent hormones that aid fat loss and improve body composition. 

18. Mix up your diet approach:

You change your training plan periodically to keep seeing results, yet your diet is conventional and let’s face it a little boring. Your body responds best to change, be it a shift in calories or a reduction in carbohydrates or fat. Meal timing and frequency together with these macro nutrient changes might be the “magic” you were looking for. Don’t get stuck in a diet rut that might be the answer to those last 5kg!

19: Don’t complicate the process:

Strict adherence to your diet plan requires commitment and steadfast resolve. Moderation however is once again key. One small glass of wine per night and if you’re hitting a girls’ night out, opt for low calorie and low sugar drinks whenever possible and always eat a healthful meal before you hit the town.

20: Curb hunger without food:

Caffeine is a natural appetite suppressant. That means it can reduce those hunger pangs between meals to prevent unnecessary snacking. Black coffee or green tea are smart ways to get your caffein fix. Another option is to fill up on H2O. Most people don’t drink enough water to meet their daily requirements. A glass or two between meals can make you feel full and satiated to help stave off those hunger impulses. You can also include a water enhancer. They come in various flavours and are a much healthier option than sugar laden juices or drinks.

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Love Len😉

Making weight loss easier part 3

3 Reasons your weight loss may have stalled

3 reasons why your weight loss mauy have stalled

You’re hitting the gym hard and your diet is clean and healthy yet the scale is stuck. What’s up?

  1. What is adrenal fatigue? Very low carb and low kilojoule diets, as well as stress and exercise, can negatively affect the hypothalamus and adrenal glands. Also known as the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis) which interact in a complex way to keep hormones balanced. This can lead to fatigue and a weakened immune system. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone (released by excessively low carb diets) can worsen the problem.

Severe and prolong carb restriction can also result in de-sensitising your insulin pathways leading to a greater insulin response when carbs are eaten. Cutting out carbohydrates is not recommended. Your focus should rather be on selecting the right type of carb and watching the amount you consume. Finding a professional to re-evaluate and restitch your diet is a crucial stepping stone.

  1. Incorrect Exercise: You may gym hard and frequent but exercising incorrectly, this can be harmful and counterproductive. If you stay with the same program for too long the body will adapt and weight loss will stall. Change your program every 6-8 weeks in terms of reps, weights and duration. Use longer cardio sessions interspersed with shorter intense sessions to really boost your fat metabolism and give your body the variety to really keep it guessing.
  1. Metabolic adaptations and weight plateaus: Metabolic adaptation is a term used to describe how the body adapts to having a lower energy supply. These adaptations include: 
  • a decreased metabolic rate, increase in hormones that promote hunger and catabolism and 
  • a decrease in hormones that promote satiety, energy expenditure and anabolism.

A restrictive diet will typically lead to the loss of both fat and muscle mass which can adversely affect your weight loss.

Muscle is responsible for driving metabolism and maintaining a higher resting energy expenditure and a loss of total mass including lean mass results in lower caloric requisition on a daily basis to carry out daily functions. Your body is in effect adapting to the fewer calories. Weight loss will stall because your body just adapted, cutting calories is therefor not always the answer.

Hope this helped!

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3 reasons why your weight loss mauy have stalled