Modern Fitness: Home Gym Setup & How to Succeed

Healthy pursuits are available in various shapes and sizes. It thrives under communal goals and collective sore muscles. 2021 is however the second year that the way in which we view health and fitness needs to be re-evaluated. 

Covid -19 has forced us to re think and redefine “modern fitness”. We can no longer just pop into a gym or studio space and many of us are going at it alone and not always loving the idea. Resilience and adaptability have never been more important and to keep getting your daily immune booster and endorphin high, it is important to have some kind of fitness set-up at home that you can fall back on. 

There is something to be said for the way a dedicated work space gets you in the right head space plus there’s the benefit of equipment to give you more options and give your workouts a fun and challenging edge. You might be going at it without your fit squad but you don’t have to sacrifice moves or diversity usually only found in your local gym.

  1. Amount of space you have available:

Transform a little corner in your home into an exercise haven

Dedicate a little area somewhere in your everyday living space to “move”. Whatever this may mean for you. Create an area that promotes focus and distracts from your daily work routine. Many of us works from home now and to take a break from the office you need to leave the office. Even if this means going down the hall to the spare bedroom, garage or garden. Keep your gear handy (only buy the essentials, you can always add on as you get more fit or adapt your regiment), play your favourite playlist and track, track, track. Watches, smart phones and apps keep you connected to your trainer and fit squad. 

Consider the following equipment when planning your teeny-tiny gym:

  1. Skipping rope: Always a winner. Tones your whole body, builds stamina and can be hung on a door handle.
  2. Exercise mat: Makes floor exercises more exciting and keep the burn in your muscles and away from your back.
  3. Resistance bands: a nice variation on dumbbells and cables and very easily stashed.
  4. Foam roller: a marvel for sore muscles but also very useful in making your yoga workout more challenging.
  5. Ankle weights: Put them on and forget they’re there. I promise you your legs will thank you later.
  6. Adjustable dumbbell set: Can perform various exercises and keep your workouts fresh and exciting.
  7. Yoga and tone balls: can be stored as office chairs and utilised when you workout later in the ttg (teeny-tiny-gym) or ahg(at-home-gym)
  1. Is your space permanent?

Consider the amount of storage you have and keep away from equipment that can’t be packed away, if you’re sharing your workout space with your patio furniture. If you have a larger area available- bulkier equipment like battle ropes, an exercise bike or barbell can of course be considered. Keep in mind the bigger the equipment the more expensive it can get and you might not always want it around.

  1. What kinds of exercise do you enjoy?

If you’re not going to use it, lose it. The same rule that applies to your credit card, applies to an ahg-space. Don’t spend money you don’t have on stuff you don’t need. Keep to equipment you favour and know you will utilize and enjoy.

  1. Is your budget Arnie, or does it need stretching?

Again; don’t spend money on equipment you don’t need. Training for a marathon, invest in a treadmill, love to lift, invest in weights. Stretch your budget by getting creative with your shopping.

  1. Second hand is always a good option. Do be careful when buying electronics or moving parts however.
  2. Utilize friends and family by doing a shout-out on facebook and gather some dust covered treasures.

Hope this helped!

Please stay safe😉

Till next time 

Love Len

Home gym setup