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Hello and welcome! I am so excited to have you here and to join me on my fitness journey.

Need a personal trainer? I’m your girl! I can offer you services remotely or in the Vaal triangle. Learn more about me below.

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My name is Leneri Brophy and I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Psychology from the NWU obtained in 2008. I also have a higher certificate in personal training from IIFT obtained in 2016. My highest achievement to date however, is that God singled me out to raise the angelic Noah Brian Brophy – an experience that is changing and shaping the way in which I now regard and approach fitness. I love being a mom and I approach it with the same zeal as I approach a fit lifestyle. That is why Noah turns into a dumbbell, kettlebell and weight plate helping me out in my “mommy-and-me” exercise series.

I want to embrace a very different philosophy, in a very hectic and goal driven fitness society, which is;

    • a healthy lifestyle is achieved every single time you make a healthier food choice, grind for an hour in the gym, enjoy mother nature by going for a walk or just simply choosing a more positive outlook in a difficult situation. ‘Mindful health and fitness’ if you will.
  • an attitude and state of being rather than an aim to aspire to. You are working towards obtainable goals but you are also living your life in such a way that has countless enjoyable moments and maintainable and manageable objectives.
The goal is then to build a life that finds the magic in the mundane whilst building rock hard abs and enjoying every step of the way!

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